What are we doing?

  • We buy drugs, medical (aspirators, Ambu bags, etc.) and medical (multifunction bed, chair for bathing, cushions for positioning) means of rehabilitation.
  • We provide social support to families (assistance with benefits, required under the law of the State institutions).
  • We organize entertainment events.
  • We support the family after the loss of a child from a severe incurable disease.
  • We organize integrative camp – for healthy children and adolescents who use wheelchairs.

Why do we exist? (Mission)

Provide families with seriously terminally ill child or an adult, you need quality of life.

This means that, thanks to benefactors-selling technical means of rehabilitation, cooperation with government agencies, non-profit and commercial organizations, we will make their lives as comfortable as possible, incorporated into society.

What is our goal?

Create help system, involving the joint efforts of different organizations (commercial, non-profit, government), to ensure the necessary quality of life of families.

What have we achieved?

  1. For 2015 we had a one-time assistance to more than 20 families.

    We bought diapers and medical diapers, syringes, special medical food, bathing chair, multifunctional beds, aspirators, pillows for positioning and more.
  2. In 2016, three families are in constant social support.

    Coordinator of Assistance to the families of weekly calls up with their families, identify their needs and in collaboration with experts from other organizations, is trying to satisfy them.

With the money of philanthropists in 2016 were bought: diapers, diaper, Ambu bags, aspirators, supplies for children with tracheostomy. Due to social support for children issued documents (ipso) to help provide services to public institutions (sessions with a psychologist, physical therapist, massage)

What do we want?

Cooperation, win-win for both sides, under the terms of pro bono *. Now we urgently need to create a website that would help make our operations more transparent and to bring help even more people with incurable diseases, life-threatening.

What we can give is mutual?

  1. Attribution created your website in a prominent place.
  2. Mention on the Foundation FaceBook page (page maximum coverage – 4500).
  3. Mention on the Foundation staff Vkontakte page (maximum coordinator page coverage fund program 8 000 users, Director of the Fund 10 000).
  4. The reference to the Director of the Fund Facebook page.
  5. Thank-you letter.
    What is pro bono? This Latin phrase, meaning professional work provided on a voluntary basis and without payment as a public service.